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Minimize downtime by ensuring fixes are made only when necessary and according to a pre-established plan.



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Today, managing a fleet goes far beyond keeping the trucks moving. Many managers are struggling with meeting the demands for increases in productivity and efficiency on a shrinking budget. We can help. With CAMS FLEET software, fleet managers have the tools needed to more effectively manage their department's budget, fleet, inventory and personnel assets. From making informed purchase decisions on new equipment to monitoring driver activity, our solutions stand ready to help move your department and organization to new levels of success.

With CAMS-FLEET Maintenance Management software, you'll be able to use vehicle-performance data (made available by simply reading the truck's bar code tag) to plan maintenance activities.  You'll minimize downtime by ensuring fixes are made only when necessary, rather than according to a pre-established plan. 


CAMS-FLEET provides major benefits including:


Lifecycle Monitoring - Track the true cost per mile/hour or user defined measure for any piece of equipment along with any loan, license permits, inspections, depreciation and insurance costs in order to make properly timed retirement and replacement decisions.


Warranty - Stop losing money replacing core parts  and parts that still carry a warranty.


Work Flow Management - Set and adjust optimum maintenance schedules and inventories based off of OEM or in-house standards.


Control Downtime Costs - Limit service failure due to lack of fleet assets by minimizing the impact of downtime with proper scheduling and inventory stocking.


Accident and Claims Management - Collect, record and distribute written and photographic documentation pertinent to an accident.


Reporting - Unlimited customized reports make documenting actions and validating procedures an efficient process.

CAMS-FLEET management software manages all feet maintenance operations including shop, purchasing processes, warranty claims and recovery and human resources.  Our fleet maintenance and fleet tracking software optimizes your business operations by removing redundancies and cutting unnecessary costs. It provides organizations with a comprehensive suite of features to manage the fleet process - from dispatch to billing and settlements.  The detailed reporting functions of the CAMS FLEET tracking software allow you to manage your cost more efficiently.  Our maintenance tracking software can improve organizational efficiencies and company profitability.  The user-friendly maintenance tracking software gives you complete control over your company's assets and workflow processes.



Nexcor offers a broad range of training options to help you advance quickly on the learning curve, so you can be proficient with Nexcor Technologies applications and functionality to maximize your investment.

For over 30 years Nexcor has provided customers, assistance in identifying deficiencies and supplying them with a specific course of action drastically improving the facilities in-house engineering and sanitation operations.
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