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On the Plant Floor Training!



Take training documents to the plant floor, when and where it is needed.




Slideshows (including powerpoint)

Photos, Drawings


Step by Step instruction lists


Employee training and certification is taken to the floor for your company's specific equipment and operations.

NT Mobile Training helps your operation with the basic need of training your staff and increasing requirement of documenting it.  Training material is transferred from the plant PC to NT Mobile Training’s Ruggedized Hand-Held PDA.  Authorized staff are able to sign in on the PDA and view NT Mobile Training documents showing what training materials are used by whom and when.

NT Mobile Training is useful in storing needed plant drawings and other instructions for daily use.  Engineering is able to store schematics, ladder diagrams, blueprints, etc.  Sanitation frequently makes use of the ability to play movies, and step-by-step instructions.  Quality and Production departments use the system for product pictures and formulas.


Nexcor offers a broad range of training options to help you advance quickly on the learning curve, so you can be proficient with Nexcor Technologies applications and functionality to maximize your investment.

For over 30 years Nexcor has provided customers, assistance in identifying deficiencies and supplying them with a specific course of action drastically improving the facilities in-house engineering and sanitation operations.
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