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Today more than ever companies depend on logistics to secure a competitive edge.



However, questions remain.... How do you deliver customer's orders on-time, complete, and damage free?


Are you able to reduce cost while improving efficiencies?


You can with STRATEGIX







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Logistical Solutions Delivering Financial Results

   Set Goals

Analyze Facts

 Get Results

Strategix was developed to assist in the implementation, planning and control the flow of goods, services, and information based on the needs and requirements of your customers.   Our Logistics software can increase efficiency and expand your business while providing manufacturers and distribution centers with a system that delivers complete solutions to logistical problems.


  • Multiple Warehouse Load Building & Routing
  • Enhanced Load Building & Confirmation Screens
  • Rating Tables for Pooled Transportation
  • Carrier Selection based on Cost & Performance Rating
  • Easy Stop Sequencing & Re-Sequencing
  • Multiple Tendering References Including the Web
  • Multi-faceted Rating Tables for Carriers for FTL & LTL
  • Priority for Dedicated Fleet Selection
  • Equipment & Route Optimization through Automated Functions
  • Customer Invoicing
  • Freight Bill Auditing
  • Claims Management
  • Rating Tables for Customer's Deliveries
  • Information Sharing with ERP
  • Carrier Performance Reporting
  • Automated Bid Package Including the Web
  • Customer Service AP / AR / General Ledger
  • Electronic Storage of Documents tied to Freight Payment and Claims


By listening to our customers and understanding the needs of the industry, we strive to be at the forefront of logistics technology.  Strategix incorporates "best of industry" practices with this technology to provide Manufacturers and Warehouse Operators with a system that delivers complete strategic and financial solutions.


Nexcor offers a broad range of training options to help you advance quickly on the learning curve, so you can be proficient with Nexcor Technologies applications and functionality to maximize your investment.

For over 30 years Nexcor has provided customers, assistance in identifying deficiencies and supplying them with a specific course of action drastically improving the facilities in-house engineering and sanitation operations.
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